Virtual Room Makeover

Let p-l-a-i-d help you in making the best design decisions for your space. With our virtual room make-over service, we will take your room from mundane to marvelous. Our main focus is to achieve great design within your means.

We maintain an open and personal dialogue with our clients, which helps in assuring we have a clear vision of the perfect design solution. Give us a call or send us a note so we can start you on the path to creating a room you can call your own.

The process is simple; send us photos and dimensions of your room, answer a few questions and we send you our solution, satisfaction guaranteed.

The package you receive will include:
  • A perspective drawing of the room.
  • Additional drawing details.
  • A list of sources with budget numbers.
  • Finish samples.
  • Priorities list.
"Our virtual room make-overs give our clients a very clear vision of the space they will have before they purchase a single item."
-Stacey Serro