Full Design Services

p-l-a-i-d, inc's full service design department is comprised of two divisions. Both divisions are staffed with professional designers skilled in each specialty.

  • Studio Luna, Inc handles commercial projects.
  • p-l-a-i-d, inc focuses on residential projects.

Thanks to the internet and e-mail, we are able to service our clients quickly and efficiently. Both communication formats offer us the opportunity to exchange drawings and information with both Architects and clients within a matter of seconds.

We also have the capability to bring a two dimensional plan to life by creating 3-D models and walk-thrus for our clients, allowing them to make changes to the space during the drawing phase. This has saved so many clients so much money. The changes on the drawings are easy, but once a space is built, a change can incur major expenses. according to Serro. Depending on your project, please call either Studio Luna, Inc or p-l-a-i-d, inc to discuss your project and how we can save you time and money.