Paint It

At p-l-a-i-d, inc we focus on individual personalized service. In order to give you the perfect paint color it is imperative that we get as much information as possible. There are many companies who use computers in the color selection process. At p-l-a-i-d, inc our professional designers work directly with you and the information you submit to make sure your design needs are met.

Single color:

A single paint color will be selected after receipt of information regarding the existing finishes in the space which will remain

$50 for single color

Multiple colors:

Paint colors will be selected as per client’s request and pertinent information submitted regarding applicable spaces. A 20% discount will be applied to colors selected in excess of 3.

$40 ea/after 3

Virtual room make-over:

A design solution for the room will be created and sent to you.

It will include the following:
  • A perspective drawing of the room.
  • Additional drawing details.
  • A list of sources with budget numbers.
  • Finish samples.
  • Priorities list.
$900 for single room with one function

3D modeling:

Includes views of all walls of the applicable space. Architectural ACADD files must be supplied to p-l-a-i-d, inc before the service can begin and must includes applicable plans, elevations and schedules for the space.

$2,500 for single room with one function

Design Services

A project which requires the selection of finishes in addition to paint colors (i.e. floor finish, wall tile, upholstery fabric, drapery fabric, etc.) can be accommodated as well.

Please contact our office at your earliest convenience to discuss your needs and an applicable fee.