FAQ & Tips

Here are some points to ponder

In addition to having the perfect paint color selected for you, think about these points:

Focal Point

One way to create a successful room is to have a single focal point. Approach the design of your room by focusing on one point, for example a piece of artwork. Take a favored piece of artwork and place it on a wall facing the entry into the room. Add accent lighting to enhance it if possible. Arrange furniture so circulation paths move toward it. All other finishes in room otherwise can be monochromatic and in contrast to the artwork further emphasizing the piece.


Having a reputable, professional painting contractor to handle your project is the best way to a successfully executed job. Contact your local paint distributor for a list of contractors. If a painting contractor is not in your budget, do your homework. Refer to information provided by companies such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, Devoe, etc.

Paint Finish

Not only do you have to consider the color you are using but also the finish of the paint you purchase.

  • Lacquer offers the maximum sheen. Is the least forgiving finish you could use. Is most commonly used on cabinets and furniture. Lacquered finishes reflect the maximum amount of light therefore appear lighter than the same color in a different finish. Is very easy to wipe clean but also very easy to scratch or damage.
  • High gloss offers a high level of sheen. Is the least forgiving of the most commonly used finishes. Use on surfaces that are inherently smooth. High gloss finishes reflect a great amount of light therefore appear lighter than the same color in a different finish. Is very easy to wipe clean.
  • Semi gloss offers a considerable amount of sheen. Is more forgiving than high gloss but still shows imperfections. Is easily wiped clean.
  • Eggshell/Satin offers a subtle level of sheen. Is forgiving of surface imperfections. Will dry darker than the previously mentioned finishes. Is easily wiped clean. When a manufacturer offers both eggshell and satin the satin finish will usually offer a slight bit more sheen. Most often used on interior walls.
  • Flat offers no sheen. Is the most forgiving of surface imperfections and the most difficult to clean. Will give a chalky appearance. Most often used on ceilings.


When lighting a space, the most common mistake is over-lighting. Many kitchens outfitted with large fluorescent ceiling fixtures dispense far more lighting than is needed. These fixtures can easily be replaced with feature fixtures which can be supplemented with under counter lighting. Always light surfaces first i.e. a painting, work surface, etc., and then add ambient lighting as needed.