Stacey Serro

Founder and Principal of p-l-a-i-d, inc
Paint - Lighting - Accessories - Interiors - Design

As one of the premier licensed interior designers in the southeast, Stacey Serro has a rich background in multidisciplinary design. As the founder and director of p-l-a-i-d, inc, she has been recognized for her unique ability to mediate a harmonious balance between compelling design, high functionality, and a finely tuned sensitivity to the client's needs and vision.

With 20+ years of extensive experience in every phase of interior design, Serro is uniquely prolific when working with color; prolific not only in color selection, but what she considers its "choreography". It has been her passion since her design school days and has evolved to become her design signature. "I believe that the process must always begin with the selection of color, and from there, all other elements simply flow. Color is what blends the personality of the individual with the character of the space being decorated. It is what gives the space its soul", Serro recently shared.

Since 1986, Serro has designed magnificent interiors for an impressive array of clients in both the commercial and residential arenas. Commercial clients include the PGA TOUR, Charles Schwab, Bank of America and Lufthansa. Residential projects can be found throughout the southwest, northeast and southeast.

Serro recently launched her innovative p-l-a-i-d, inc (paint, lighting, accessories, interiors, design) website. The newly designed site provides clients from across the country and around the world, the opportunity to work virtually with Serro without barriers of place, location, or time zone. The process begins with Serro examining a project's interior's natural and artificial light sources from client-furnished images and samples. She then invites clients into the design process via extensive dialogue exchanges to uncover the client's identity and personal essence.

Stacey Serro is NCIDQ certified and holds a Bachelor of Interior Design from the College of Architecture at Louisiana State University.